Here you can find a listing of our most recent publications, along with a selection of older, important publications. All statistics are taken from Google Scholar. For reprints, please contact either Prof. Kurokawa or Dr. King.


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    • Journal of Materials Chemistry B HOT Collection.

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    • Emerging Investigators Themed Collection.

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    • Top 10% most downloaded paper for 2018-2019.

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    • Top 10% most downloaded paper for 2018-2019.

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2017 and Earlier (Selected)

  • Huang, Y.; King, D. R.; Sun, T. L.; Nonoyama, T.; Kurokawa, T.; Nakajima, T.; Gong, J. P. “Energy-Dissipative Matrices Enable Synergistic Toughening in Fiber Reinforced Soft Composites.” Advanced Functional Materials. 2017, 27, 9: 1605350.

    • Am Score: 171 (top 5% of all research).

    • Citations as of 04/2021: 77

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